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Terms & Conditions for Writers

Rights & acknowledgements

  • Your story or article must be written by you. The copyright remains with you. 


  • By submitting your writing to indie, you are giving us the right to publish that writing on indie and to use quotes and attached photos or illustrations for indie related marketing and promotion across our platforms. 


  • Your story or article must not infringe on anyone else’s copyright. Any submissions that are deemed to be works of plagiarism will be instantly removed and that writer blacklisted from future submissions.


  • It is the writer’s responsibility to properly recognise and acknowledge any other contributors to your story or article.


  • We maintain the right to choose articles to be featured on the indie homepage and across social media platforms. Our decisions will be based on criteria available to all readers and writers.

The Content

  • If your story is derogatory in any way and/or contains hate speech, we will not publish it and we will blacklist you from future submissions.


  • Stories and articles that contain swear words and sexual references must declare this where asked on the submission form. They will be published with a warning for readers. Any work containing swear words or sexual references that is not declared will not be published and that creator will be blacklisted from future submissions.


  • If we receive strong complaints about your story or article we will contact you to negotiate a response. If you are unable to negotiate a satisfactory response as judged by Indie, we may remove your story or article from the website. 

The Website

  • You may ask for your work to be removed from Indie at any point, for any reason and we will do so within five working days of receiving your request. We may also remove your work from Indie at any point, for any reason.


  • The Indie platform makes money from advertising and as such, there may be advertising on the same page as your story.

Writers' Payments

  • We will pay 20% of indie’s advertising and koha/donation revenue to the writers of the most popular 30 articles over ongoing defined periods. 

    The first period for writers' payments commences on website launch and runs to December 1, 2022. From thereon the periods will commence quarterly with end dates of March 1, June 1, Oct 1, Dec 1 every year. Announcements and payments will be made within 30 days of each of these end dates.


  • The most popular 30 articles will be judged by ‘number of unique page visits’ within the defined period by our software system. In the event we detect a creator trying to cheat the system, their story will be removed from the platform and they will be blacklisted from further submissions.


  • We may change the percentage of revenue and the number of creators we pay at any time. Any changes will come into effect at the beginning of the next period.

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