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Hey Indigenous storytellers!
Want to share a story?

We'd love to help.

Every Indigenous person is a storyteller. It's written in our genes.

Now more than ever, the world needs to hear our stories, but publishing and promotion takes a whole lot of time, money, & support that most of us just don't have.

indie provides a quicker & easier way to get your story out there. We'll host it for you, ensure it looks beautiful, reaches an audience, and make its intended impact. And we'll do our darndest to help you earn a bit of income while we're at it.

Sharing your story on indie is a great way to boost your profile, develop your creative skills, and actively contribute to the revitalisation of your culture.


e.g. ‘How Māui slowed the sun’

Modern fiction
romance, sci-fi, you name it, we want it

Articles & tutorials
art to business to wellness and everything in between

Reconnection stories
e.g. ‘My journey to learn my ancestral language’

Special memories
e.g. ‘Sunday mornings at Ōhinemutu’

Stories, songs, chants, and poems
for children

‘Prayers’, songs, chants, and poems
for adults

We host stories of all genres including:

Keen to see your story on indie?

All rights will remain with you and we include a prominent credit block with space for you to plug and link to other work.

Step 1.

Have a read of our

submission guidelines

Step 2.

Get your story and supporting visuals ready

Step 3.

Creating income streams

indie earns income through aligned advertising and koha contributions from our readers. We put 80% into publishing and promoting more Indigenous stories and divide 20% between the writers of the 50 most popular stories every quarter. As we grow, we're committed to giving as much as we can back to as many of our contributors as possible. We're also all about promoting your other mahi (work) on your story page!

Ready to go?

Have a few questions? Check out our Writer FAQs and our terms and conditions

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