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Legendary Links - a Muysca x Māori collab

The Muysca people who inhabit what is now Bogotá, Colombia, and the Māori people of Aotearoa, New Zealand, may seem worlds apart.

However, on closer inspection we share a lot; we're joined by the Pacific ocean, historical evidence shows ancestral voyages between our continents, we treasure our relationships to land and community, and both cultures are on a mission to revitalise and strengthen our cultures so that we may thrive in the future.

So we figured it was about time we reconnected.

The Legendary Links project brought talented Māori & Muysca creatives together to strengthen our ties & support each others cultural revitalisation by producing epic quadrilingual versions of some of our favourite legends.

indie is proud to present this five-story series - a world first (but definitely not the last) in

Māori & Muysca collabs. We hope you enjoy these stories, that you learn from them, and use them to strengthen your own connection with these two beautiful cultures.

Huge thanks to our major partner Latin America CAPE as well as Education New Zealand - Manapou ki te Ao and the New Zealand Embassy in Colombia for making this series possible.


Grandfather's Story

a Muysca legend from the Chia community, Bogotá.

When Faua and her grandfather go for a walk in the forest, she's upset at what she sees. A legendary tale from her grandfather's childhood delivers a plan and hope for the future.

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The Separation of Ranginui and Papatūānuku

a Māori legend retold by Hēmi Kelly (Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Tahu–Ngāti Whāoa).

The Māori story of how the world of light came to be.

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The Legend of Mother Guatavita

a Muysca legend from the Sesquilé community, Bogotá.

The story of the goddess Guatavita - a woman of great wisdom, who wanted to share her knowledge with the Muysca people.

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A story of Hatupatu & Kurangaituku

a Māori legend retold by Hana Mereraiha (Tainui, Te Arawa, Taranaki, Ngāi Tahu)

A gripping story about a terrifying bird woman, Kurangaituku, and her prisoner - a young sorcerer by the name of Hatupatu.

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a Muysca legend from the Muysc cubun Research Group.

A story about the formation of the world as Muysca know it and the landscape around modern day Bogotá.

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