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  • Hannah Craig

5 ways to get your story in front of more readers!

Submitting a piece of writing to Indie?

Great! Here are 5 ways to help us get your mahi (work) featured on our homepage and social channels.

#1 - Make it bilingual.

So many of us are trying to reclaim our Indigenous languages and/or support their normalisation. If you can contribute to that by making your story or article bilingual, it’s a MAJOR tick in our books.

#2 - Ensure it’s entertaining.

Our cultures survive today because our ancestors were epic storytellers. For generations over campfires, they captivated audiences with tales that were so raw, beautiful, and mesmerising they became imprinted in people’s minds to be shared again and again. The ability to entertain is in your genes and we don’t want you to hold back.

#3 - Include stunning Illustrations and/or photos.

Art has always been a pillar of culture and in today’s digital world, it remains so. Including beautiful images and photographs (decorative or practical) is the perfect way to enhance your story or article. It helps to set the mood, to explain concepts, and of course to catch eyes on social media!

#4 - Keep it personal.

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, readers connect with your story through your voice. It doesn’t matter if you use slang or formal language, if you’re serious or cracking jokes, if you’re romantic or practical. We just want to hear YOU.

#5 - Suggest a catchy title.

If we want to spread Indigenous knowledge, we’ve got to get readers ‘in the door’. To get readers in the door, we’ve got to use catchy titles. Think of your target audience. Channel those terrible clickbait ads you see all the time. Swap out the cringe for your actually important and valuable message and we’re away.


If you’re able to deliver on the majority of these points then we’re very likely to feature your work on our homepage and socials.

That means your story gets seen by more people, which means more people are able to learn about your culture.

It also means that you’re more likely to earn some money, as we share 20% of our revenue with the writers of our 30 most popular stories or articles every quarter.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to go it alone. If you’re not so hot in the translation or illustration department, why not engage help from a professional or family member? You could offer your skills to help them in return, and/or throw in a revenue share if you make that top 30.


Can’t wait to see your work!

When you’re ready, submit it here.

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